This page contains useful files that you can download to improve your experience in using PCBKingdom. Files available for download include:
  • Some open-source hardware projects that you can use to try out our service or simply to use as starting point to upload your own designs.
  • BOM templates to create error-free BOMs
  • CAM files for your CAD software to correctly name your Gerber files for accurate file detection

Sample Projects

These open-source hardware projects are conveniently packaged up for you to download. Use one of these to upload on our website to truly experience our seamless, automated EMS solution.

Project Name Description Download link
Bus Pirate v3.6 A hacker multi-tool that talks to electronic stuff. Read more about it on its website . A great gift to share with your electronics tinkerer friends.

Bill-of-Material (BOM) Template

The BOM is the centralised source of information about components for manufacturing. It is necessary to key in important/mandatory information like Manufacturer Part Number(MPN) and Quantity in order to successfully procure components.

Please use the following BOM template to avoid any errors in obtaining pricing information for components required in your design.

Refer to our FAQ section to understand the mandatory and important fields in BOM.


Eagle CAM File Templates

Load the appropriate .cam file below in Autodesk Eagle to generate gerbers for your project.

Layers File Link
2-Layers 2-Layer CAM
4-Layers 4-Layer CAM
6-Layers 6-Layer CAM
8-Layers 8-Layer CAM